Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wallpaper Rough

next draft

still stitching them together with poor quality photobooth shots but I plan on scanning and coloring tomorrow. ink done though! only some minor repeat problems...

lumpkins with jetpacks.... wallpaper! in space!

this is my first ssketch to see if the repeat is working.... its close so with some actual math and ink it will be in good shape. due tomorrow night at 630

click to enlarge

Type Pattern

My typography homework! we were to create a pattern using a character from any typeface we chose. its funny tho, murphy's assignment sheets are in really great type but so poorly written that it took longer to figure what she wanted than to actual put them together. yesterday,

"you guys, these are good, it seems that some got the idea more than others but listen close.. i need these to be freakin' ROCKSTAR."

I'll probably be revising these throughout the week and posting the new ones.

Today I'll be doing the drawings Lumpkins in space!


i did a tshirt design for my illustration & products class. a different style than usual--ended up using this view from my living room window as a reference


a good shot for the fridge

we do this thing where i hold her against my chest and i wait till her heartbeat goes down. i make sure and give her plenty of hay after we chill- if anything she associates me with the hay.